Tilly’s Pies

Enhancing people’s lives one slice at a time.

Our mission is to serve the best pies in Northwestern WI. 

Tilly’s will be closed October 20 – December 1.

We close for a month each Fall and Spring.  Most of our customers understand many businesses in remote small towns… and we are that, close during the off season.  We know the phenomenon very well as we have travelled to remote small towns all over the country for 35 years to paddle, mountain bike, hike and rock climb.  In fact in the next few weeks we will be visiting some of those shuttered small towns. We’ve walked up to many establishments hoping for a bite to eat only to find it closed.  Sorry about that.

There is some very sound economics behind our decision and we are happy with it.  Personally, we think the solution to having more year round options in Cable is the addition of new businesses, not asking the same establishments to work long days all year long.  Maybe you know someone that is interested in taking the leap.  In the meantime, thanks for understanding our need to savor the day is greater than our desire to save the world this time of year.

Fresh baked Tilly's pies will be available again 
Wednesday thru Saturday beginning December 4.  

Thank you for another great Summer!


Order your pies online!  Online orders resume December 4.

Did you know you can orders fresh baked Tilly’s Pies online for pickup.  Visit Tilly’s Online Pie Shop

Our Pies

We bake the following pies on a regular basis and can bake one or more especially for you in most cases with 2 days notice:  Banana Creme, Coconut Creme, Key Lime, Chocolate Walnut Stout, Apple Strudel, Blueberry Strudel, Cherry, Peach Berry, Strawberry, 3 Berry, Apple Raspberry.   Our whole price pie is $24.  We know a little about business and we assure you this is price represents a great value for a handmade pie with “real” ingredients.   Celebrate one of life’s greatest pleasures prepared – as our staff says, “with love.”

Tilly’s has coffee and ice cream!

We have coffee by the bag or by the cup.  Stop by for a cup of Tilly’s Blend from Steve and Trudi’s favorite coffee shop near their hometown of Topeka KS.

Of course we have ice cream with your pie, but also by the scoop or in a cone.

Tilly's interior

Who is Tilly?

Tilly is the nickname of our good friend, philosopher and world-champion cyclist Steve Tilford.  You can learn about Steve’s life by simply Googleing his name.  In addition to being a great athlete and beautiful human, Steve loved people, he loved Cable WI and he loved pie.

Steve’s amazing partner Trudi Rebsamen has now moved to Cable and is helping us run the shop and can be found baking pies and behind the counter most days serving up slices, coffee and kindness.

Tilly’s is located in the little carriage house (formerly a burned out garage) behind the Rivers Eatery in a space we call the Ideal Market Commons.

See one of Steve’s many posts from his famous blog about his love for pie. Pie Time

I’m not sure who or what created this world but I feel super lucky just to be a part of it.”  Steve Tilford – Some time after hours.

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