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Tilly’s will be closed until December.  We’ll keep you posted on exact dates.  Thanks for a record Summer.  

You can now order a fresh baked Tilly’s Pie on line.  Visit Tilly’s Pie Online Store.  Pick your pie.  Pick your time.  And pick up your pie.

“I Love Pie.”

In addition to being a world, national and Chequamegon 40 champion, Steve Tilford was a pie lover.  Here is an article from Steve’s famous blog on cycling and life in general.  With over 2 million hits, many people logged on to read Steve’s thoughts on the week’s events in cycling.  But most logged on to hear his esoteric views on life.  His blog entitled “Pie Time” posted in September of 2008 is a great example of Steve’s writing and reflects why we named our pie shop after him.

“Pie Time”, by Steve Tilford

I’m supposed to be writing about Labor Day Weekend in St. Louis.  I’ll get to that later.  That was the last 4 days.  But, it’s the time of year for apple pie.  I’ve scoped out most of the apple trees in the county on our rides.  It’s amazing how many people have apple trees and let the fruit  drop on the ground.  Kansas probably isn’t the best climate in the world for apples, but the trees that are established seem to produce good fruit most years.  So, today after 4 days of racing, we did a rest ride and picked apples from a couple different trees.  I’m not an expert on identifying types of apples, but most  pies seem to taste better with a good mixture.   Anyway, I love pie.  Pretty much any fruit- cherry, apples, peach, pumpkin, whatever.  I can eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Snack too.   I don’t cook too much, but I do bake some.  Bread, pizza, pies, etc.  I bought a new oven last winter specifically for baking.  It’s a double convection wall oven with a ton of bells and whistles.  Probably too complicated for me.  But it bakes great.  OK. St. Louis writeup tomorrow.

Steve Tilford 2008

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