The Rivers Eatery

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.”  Robert Louis Stevenson

We serve quality food at a reasonable price in a timely manner.

We serve 14 stone oven pizzas, salads, appetizers, fresh baked pies and a great selection of craft beers and wines in an old warehouse building in downtown Cable WI.  We have seating for 100 indoors and seating for 60 outdoors weather permitting.    We are a fast casual environment.  We look forward to serving you soon.

Corona Virus Update for The Rivers Eatery and Tilly’s Pies March 20, 2020

Temporarily closed as planned.  Each Spring The Rivers Eatery and Tilly’s Pies closes for a few weeks to do improvements and frankly to take a breath.  Rivers has done this for 12 years, so taking time off is nothing new and was scheduled for us.  Our staff was looking forward to the time off.

What none of us saw coming was the uncertainty that the Covid virus would bring to our plans.  Instead of traveling, we and our staff will likely be sheltering in place like everyone else.

Rivers and Tilly’s will remain closed as we had originally planned until mid to late April.  If we detect a shortage of food or services in the area we will reopen for take out.

The future of The Rivers Eatery and Tilly’s Pies.  When we opened the Ideal Market in 2008, the US was just entering its worst recession in history.  Cable wasn’t quite the destination it is today.  With the seasonality of this area we built a business model we called “just in time.”  It has served us well during busy times and slower times and we were able to thrive during the recession.

We believe this virus will affect businesses the way it affects people.  It will attack vulnerabilities.   The best thing we can do as a business is the same thing you can do as individuals.  Cover your basic needs.  Make plans for the long haul.  Reduce risk taking.

As you know, we have built an amazing team of staff.  Our average length of tenure is several years and our average education beyond high school is over 4 years.  Beyond that, we have really good people who believe in what we are doing.  Our goal is to return them to their roles as quickly as possible.

To do that, we must remain viable for the long run.  2/3rds of our business occurs between June 1 and October 1.  It would be very helpful if we can see some return to normalcy by the 4th of July.  If not, we will be fine.

During this time, we still have to heat a 50,000 cubic foot building, run our coolers, pay our taxes and licenses and maintenance.  But we’ve planned for that.

Stages of reopening.  We plan to reopen fully in late April if the laws allow it.  If not, we will begin an impressive takeout program.  Our staff was strangely excited about this before we closed.

Our promise to you.  Make your plans for summer.  If people are mobile we will return better than ever.  If we are still in a restricted mode, we will use our ingenuity, our talented staff and our wonderful infrastructure to help make Cable the oasis you have found it to be in the past.

Thank you for your business and support.  We look forward to serving you and your friends and family soon.  If you have any questions contact us at

Online Gift Certificates Now Available for Tilly’s Pies and The Rivers Eatery

You can now give the gift of a Tilly’s pie or a Rivers Eatery Pizza online.  To order visit Gift Certificates.

Thank you!

Thank you to the thousands…yes, thousands who found their way to our little pizza place behind a bookstore in a town of 800 (50 miles from the nearest town over 10,000) this February. We often refer to the experience of watching our customers enjoy their friends and family as “watching the movie”.  The movie we watched this winter showed us the future is bright for Cable and our community, and for family and friendship.  Thanks also to our staff.  They are incredible!  Buy yourself a beer and watch them do their jobs.  It’s a great investment.

Finest beer offerings in NW Wisconsin!

We believe we serve the finest brews in Northern WI.   As is always the case, we represent 10 -12 of the finest breweries in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.

Online Gift Certificates Now Available for Tilly’s Pies and The Rivers Eatery

You can now give the gift of a Tilly’s pie or a Rivers Eatery Pizza online.  To order visit Gift Certificates.





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