The Rivers Eatery

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.”  Robert Louis Stevenson

We serve quality food at a reasonable price in a timely manner.

We serve 14 stone oven pizzas, salads, appetizers, fresh baked pies and a great selection of craft beers and wines in an old warehouse building.  We have seating for 100 indoors and seating for 60 outdoors weather permitting.    We are a fast casual environment.  We look forward to serving you soon.

Thanks for another record Summer!

Thank you for sharing your friends and family with us this summer.  It was another successful season.  We continue to see more and more families coming to the Cable area and The Rivers Eatery and Tilly’s Pies seem to fit the bill as a destination.  We also realize quality, consistency and efficiency are critical to having a positive experience. Those expectations will be at the top of our list for the Summer of 2020.

Rivers Eatery and Tilly’s Pies Closed Until Dec 4.

We close for a month each Fall and Spring.  Most of our customers understand many businesses in remote small towns… and we are that, close during the off season.  We know the phenomenon very well as we have travelled to remote small towns all over the country for 35 years to paddle, mountain bike, hike and rock climb.  In fact in the next few weeks we will be visiting some of those shuttered small towns. We’ve walked up to many establishments hoping for a bite to eat only to find it closed.  Sorry about that.

There is some very sound economics behind our decision and we are happy with it.  Personally, we think the solution to having more year round options in Cable is the addition of new businesses, not asking the same establishments to work long days all year long.  Maybe you know someone that is interested in taking the leap.  In the meantime, thanks for understanding our need to savor the day is greater than our desire to save the world this time of year.

Rivers and Tilly's will be closed October 20 - December 1.
When we return our hours will be as follows.
Wednesday 4:30 - 8:30  
Thursday 4:30 - 8:30  
Friday 4:30 - 8:30 
Saturday 11-8:30

Don’t be scared by the cars on the street or around the block.  We have seating for over 100 inside, seating for 60 more outside and a pie shop that seats 15.  The street is full because our customers like to stay a while. If you have friends or family in town, we’d love to serve them.  Our process is simple, our food is fresh and our space is why you come to the northwoods – lots of fresh air, outdoor seating and a great old building to enjoy your friends.  Oh, we serve pizza.  Often people ask why we only serve pizza.  Mostly because we are a pizza restaurant.  My favorite food is prime rib … unfortunately we only serve pizza, salads, appetizers and fresh baked pie.  My wife likes fish… but we only serve pizza, salads, appetizers and fresh baked pie.  You get the gist.  So if you have friends or family who like  stone oven pizza, pie and great beer and wine in cool space send them our way.  We will take good care of them.  Hope to see you soon.

A Word on the Fire

December 6th was a sad day on the corner of County Road M and Highway 63.  Several years of planning, collaboration and craftsmanship went up in flames.  What was envisioned to be an iconic establishment serving the north woods now looks like a burned out ruin and soon will be leveled for safety reasons.

What comes next has yet to be determined.  What I know and can share is that the energy and commitment that created the vision and the structure in the first place still exists.  A fire won’t stifle that.

We, like you, had visions of sitting at the bar, on the deck or on the patio celebrating the beauty of the forest lakes and streams with our friends and family.  But that was our selfish side.  It wasn’t us that put our personal lives on hold or spent a small fortune of our own money to give such a beautiful and selfless gift to this town.

Our thoughts are with the owners and the craftsman and consultants that made this a priority in their lives for the good of others this holiday season.

Online Gift Certificates Now Available for Tilly’s Pies and The Rivers Eatery

You can now give the gift of a Tilly’s pie or a Rivers Eatery Pizza online.  To order visit Gift Certificates.





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