Big news for Rivers Eatery and Tilly’s Pies

Mick and Beth are retiring. The Rivers Eatery is open with new owners Chris and Amy Parker ready to serve you the same great pizza and drinks that you have come to know. You can visit their new website at:

Beth and Mick will keep their home in Cable and will transition Tilly’s Pies to a new owner (whom you all know) in January. If you’d like to stay in touch as well as follow Mick and Beth’s next adventures you can contact them at

Tilly’s Pies updates can be found at Questions email

In January, Tilly’s Pies will be open:

Friday and Saturday 2-7

October 20, 2021 Update

A New Chapter in Our Lives

Every November for the past 14 years, we have closed The Rivers Eatery for some rest and relaxation after a busy summer.  This November, during our usual break, Beth and I will retire.

We believe the Rivers Eatery is more than a restaurant.  Yes, the pizza is amazing as our 200 5 star Google Ratings suggest, but it is really about you.

In 2007, we bought a gorgeous recently renovated building that had seen very little commerce in recent years.  In fact, when Bill King and Wendy Hanneman purchased the building in 2002, it had been condemned.  Bill and Wendy had a vision and renovated the building to a form greater that it had ever known. 

When we bought the building it was empty.  Beth and I had full-time jobs in the Twin Cities and our daughters were 12.  We had a crazy idea that we could get some of those cars driving through Cable to stop for something to eat and drink.  It worked!  We have served over 350,000 pizzas and a few hundred thousand beers to go with it.

More importantly, we have celebrated life in that building.  Weddings, birthdays, memorials, music, authors, explorers, Olympians, world champions, supreme court justices, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas… and kids.  Wow, the kids!

When we first opened there was concern among grandparents in the area that the grandkids may not come to the lake anymore.  Fishing and hunting couldn’t compete with the internet.  Then came cell towers.  Now, on any given day there may be 30 kids in the Rivers Eatery back yard.  We have seen their grandchildren meet their partner, get married and have families of their own and they have introduced their kids to our building.  Rivers is rockin’. 

But, in the process our kids who most of you know, have moved on and Beth and I are longing to see what a summer vacation feels like.  We plan to stay in Cable and would like to help out the new owners when they feel they need it.

If all goes well, later this year, The Ideal Market and Rivers Eatery will have new owners and you’ll never miss a beat.  That could be as early as December 1.  We believe new owners will continue the model you have helped us build.  None of this will affect Tilly’s Pies and the staff at Rivers plan to stay on. 

Going forward, we realize you may have to reset your phones to a new email address and phone number, but we believe the online ordering and in-store processes will look the same.  Clearly, after 15 years of strong growth The Rivers Eatery is ready for new leadership but the basic recipe for success has some life left in it. 

We will maintain this webpage for a bit to keep you informed of the transition and share some thoughts.  We will post a link to a personal email for you to stay in touch and for any questions you have in the next year. 

Thank you could never express what you have done for our lives.  Each of you knows what The Rivers was really all about.  It is unique to each of you.  Having served hundreds of thousands face to face, we will say it wasn’t just about the food. We know that, because we have burned your crust or under cooked your River Rocks a couple of times and you never complained and came back anyway.  We could write a book on what we believe the magic was – and will be.  But we’ll leave that for you to determine.  Just know, it is good.

In closing, thank you. Be kind.  Stay close to nature.  Keep the faith.  We hope to see you on the same side of the bar as us for years to come.      

Mick, Beth, Carley and Libbey

Questions? for a while and our personal email




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